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Hi I'm Annie

your go-to guide and proud ambassador of the enchanting island of Puerto Rico. Picture me as your friend who’s always got the inside scoop on the coolest spots, the hidden gems, and the most unforgettable experiences this island paradise has to offer.

Around here, you’ll find a vibrant collection of stories, tips, and guides that are as diverse and colorful as Puerto Rico itself. From adrenaline-pumping adventures to serene beachside getaways, and from mastering new skills to uncovering the rich culture and history of my home – I’ve got you covered.

But this journey isn’t just about what I have to share. It’s about exploration, about making memories that stick, and about learning that every corner of Puerto Rico has a story waiting to be discovered. And who knows? Maybe along the way, you’ll fall in love with this place just as much as I have.

Got questions? Looking for advice? Or just want to share your own Puerto Rican adventure? I’m all ears! Feel free to reach out and let the magic begin.

Let’s explore the wonders of Puerto Rico together!


Experiences & Reviews